Yesterday, I gave in to the impulse and checked my stats – and discovered one person liked my last post – then I had a moment of insecurity and thought: Wait, did I accidentally click the like tab on my own blog???  So today, I came back in and looked for my blog…and I couldn’t FIND IT!!!  I had to log in to check it, because I was up to page 27 on blogs about writing and I didn’t see mine…EEK!

So now the question is: If I can’t find it, how on earth is anyone else supposed to???  I’m getting increasingly convinced that I clicked my own like button and that’s just plain embarrassing!  I guess I’ll have to be a little more religious with this.

My main purpose of starting this blog is that I’m a new indie writer and while I’m comfortable with technology, it seems like there are new things out there all the time that I am not comfortable using to publicize and promote my books.  For instance, FACEBOOK – I’m not comfortable with that platform at all and I’m resisting the urge the use it.

Why am I not comfortable?  Because I don’t want everyone in the world having access to my page.  I don’t want random posts and nine million friend requests and all of the other headaches coming into my world.  I write.  I have a life.  I don’t want to be completely obsessed with who’s saying what, when, and my obligation to respond.  So for now, I will not be on Facebook, and I will be looking for other platforms and posting them here for other writers with the same hangups as I have.

But first, you’ll have to find my blog…or at the very least, I’ll have to find it.  And don’t tell anyone that I liked myself by accident.


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