My free promotion of Elementary Magic ended Sunday night and it was a wild ride for forty-eight hours.  Saturday morning I had my first review, I climbed to #9 on the free e-books in the Contemporary Fantasy category.  Then I had a dip, and started falling, before ending somewhere around #23 in that category.  Then the promotion ended, and my sales fell in the US – but I’m still selling in the U.K.!  Odd, isn’t it?

I did learn a few things in the process though and here they are:

1.  I gave away over 700 books by Sunday and still only got one review (it was a good one, though).  I wouldn’t have publicized anymore than I did, since I’m not a philanthropist and if I wanted to give the book away, I wouldn’t have set a list price.  But I’m glad that so many people have it and that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling when my day job is starting to annoy me – I can think that someone somewhere (in the US, UK or even Germany) is reading my book.

2.  I’m starting on my cover image for my second book now.  That was one of the hardest, most stressful parts of self-publishing because I didn’t know you could buy a stock photo and use that if you get the extended license.  Now that I know, I’m looking at images I might like to use and I’ll probably make that decision before I finish the book.

3.  I decided to only do a 3 day free promotion because I wanted to save the other 2 days I’m allowed for a good occasion.  I used KDP Select and part of the deal is you can promote a free book for 5 days.  It got me a review, and I’m very happy about that.

4.  It’s hard to stay off the internet and not check your sales every ten minutes.  It’s really fun when that number climbs.


2 thoughts on “What I wish I had known before publishing – Part 1

  1. As someone looking to hopefully break into self-publishing soon, I really appreciated this post. It’s great to know how other authors have self-published, especially those in my genre (I write scifi/fantasy). Thanks for sharing this insight and good luck with continued sales!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. I’ll keep you updated! I’m just trying to write about it as I go along so I don’t forget anything. I would have liked a “step-by-step” myself but couldn’t find it. Good luck to you, also!

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