I will be posting the prequel to Elementary Magic on Amazon later this week.  For those who wondered how Arienne released a demon and collapsed a cathedral in Ireland, the suspense is over.  It’s a short story (about 7,800 words) and it’ll be free. *** UPDATE*** Can’t be free, has to be 99 cents – Amazon’s rules.  OOPS  (Hey, I’m new to this, give me a break!)

With that being written, I have to digress and comment on what I learned in several other blogs about offering books for free.  At first my thought was – WHY?  But I figured I’d give it a go and see how it panned out.  I would recommend everyone who has an e-book do at least one free day (maybe a free weekend) for the following reasons:

1.  Exposure.  My book “sales” were encouraging when I did the free promo over the weekend.  I had a drop the following Monday, but since then, I’ve been selling copies daily.

2.  Location.  When your “sales” are up, your ranking goes up and more people find your books on the site.  More people finding you means more sales – free or paid.

3.  Feedback.  If my book sucked, I’d want to know that.  If it’s good, I want to know that (okay, I want to know THAT more than anything, but still…if it sucked I’d know I have things to work on, that’s what improves my writing).

4.  Inspiration.  There is nothing like checking those numbers during a free promo to encourage you to write more.  When the book’s sitting on your laptop, it’s not very inspiring because only YOU know it’s there…

5.  Knowledge.  Now I know I have an audience, and if I have that then there’s a market for my book.  I only publicized on the Kindle boards before the free promo – apparently THOUSANDS of people read those, because my “sales” were great.  There are also generous people who will post about your book on Facebook, etc. so the publicity goes from Amazon to the rest of the world pretty easily.

6.  Excitement.  When my day-job annoys me, I think “somewhere, someone is reading my book” and I send out a silent “thank you” and “hope it’s making your day better” and you know what?  That makes MY day better.

So think about it.  Keep writing.  Good luck.


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