The April Doldrums have been in full swing and my sales numbers on Amazon are steadily falling (*sigh).  My ability to write brilliant scenes for my upcoming novel – Destructive Magic – is declining with my lagging sales (*deeper sigh).  What’s a girl to do when she wants to write, but is feeling a bit defeated when she checks her rankings?  Go on vacation!

That’s exactly what I did – I went away for a few days, cleared my head of the cobwebs and decompressed and now I’m back and I’ve already written 3,000 words this morning and made my short story “Unplanned Magic” Free tomorrow (April 15, 2012) for one day only so I can generate some numbers and help myself find some additional inspiration!

I’m now going to ignore the temptation to post another entry, surf the Kindle Boards, or check out good reads and get back to writing.  Download Unplanned Magic – It’s short and entertaining (and it’ll help blow me out of the April Doldrums!)


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