I admit it…I’m a little discouraged today.  I was lurking on the kindle boards last week and saw several posts about April’s sales numbers being sluggish.  That made me feel a little better because I was thinking I was the only one whose sales nosedived after March ended (I noticed the drop immediately on April 1st, so I can time it to the day).  In an attempt to make myself feel better and drive sales up, I put the short story up for free this past Sunday.  There’s good news and bad news…

The good news:  It did relatively well with almost no push from me.

The bad news:  It did absolutely NOTHING for sales.  Nada!  I’ve checked every day (that would be two for those of you are paying close attention) and there are NO sales.  Hmmm…discouraging, yes…devastating…well, that sort of brings me to the point of this whole near-rant.

You see, I downloaded my own short story for free – it’s been a while since I read it and I read it with fresh eyes…and I really liked it.  I liked it better than half of the books I’ve downloaded from Amazon with the intention to review them.  Most end up archived or deleted because they just don’t grab me.  My story was good…entertaining, fast-paced, engaging…and yet: NOTHING.  So while I’m a bit discouraged that it didn’t surge ahead and sell me tons of books, it did serve another purpose.  It has made me take a hard look at what I’m doing to promote my book and what I could be doing better.  After all, I said from the beginning that this is a learning experience so I need to analyze what’s working and what’s not and change things.

If I submitted to a publisher, I’d no doubt get rejection notices (because nobody I’ve ever heard of got an immediate YES from their first submission).  So this is just part of the process.  I could give up, delete my half-finished stories or I can devote two hours every night this week to doing something to generate interest.  I’m choosing the two hours.  I’ll post here every night with my tactics and let you know how it’s going.

Oh, and if you’re following my blog – THANK YOU.  I’m hoping to ease someone else’s journey as I travel this precarious path.  Good luck all, and I’m off to figure out my next move.


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