Ah, spring is in the air and book sales have slowed.   I’ve been poking around the kindle boards, and decided that now is the time for action.   People have been discussing ebooks vs. traditional books and a few indie authors have generously admitted ebooks account for the majority of their sales.

Why would that be?  The answer is simple…they’re SIMPLE.  You can store all of your reading material on an ereader, you don’t have to go to a store to buy a new book, they’re reasonably priced, and there’s an endless variety of ways to score free books.  It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

With that being said, this is still relatively uncharted waters (for me, included).  It’s getting increasinly easy, though, and it seems like I’m finding new ways to market ebooks every time I go on the Internet.  Because of that, I’m increasing my presence in cyberspace in an effort to sell more books (because for every person who says they wrote a book for the self satisfaction, there are thousands of us who nod and think “and it’s nice to earn a little money off of it, too.”) and introduce readers to my work.

Here’s what I did over the past week:

1.  I went to www.indepentauthors.org and posted my book and commented on someone offering free reviews.  I then checked out the reviewer’s site and it looks legit. (I’m still considering that, though, because between writing, my “real life”, my other hobbies, and researching stuff for this blog, I’m a little too scattered to focus on that.)

2.  I went to the kindle boards and saw a plea for goodreads friends – sent a friend request to another indie author (no more feeling like the kid eating lunch alone in the cafeteria on goodreads!)  I have a friend!

3.  I also sent a link to someone on the kindle boards who was offering to give free reviews if they wanted to read your book.  I also commented on a few other topics on the boards because there’s a slew of us out there trying to figure this whole thing out.

4. I stumbled upon https://sites.google.com/site/1500authors  and submitted a link to my book.

5.  http://www.theindiespotlight.com filled out questionaire and will e-mail it back later this week.  It took me about an hour to complete it since I’m a perfectionist and wanted it to be in my “author voice”.

6.  Updated my goodreads pages and managed to finish off two books that I’ve been reading and posted reviews on Amazon (for one that was only available there) and the other on goodreads.

7.  Reblogged a great post by Kate Policani about posting free ebooks.

8.  Started formatting Elementary Magic so I can put it on smashwords when my “exclusive” with Amazon is up (May 12th it should be there!)

9.  Broke down and created a facebook page (Ug!).  I think it’s part of our culture and future and despite my earlier reluctance, you can now find me on facebook (I think, if I did it right).

10.  Updated my author page on Amazon.com.

I hope you found this helpful.  Keep writing!


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