Ah, the power of a review…I just read the second review left about my book Elementary Magic and the parting comment was: “Get to work, Ms. Shea”.  I am happy to report that I am indeed getting to work (and have been, faithfully) and am planning on releasing Destructive Magic in early summer…I would put my deadline here, but I have commitment issues about those things (and that’s a whole different blog post!).

That brings me to the point of this entry:  Why we write as indie authors.  The positive feedback does more to spur us on than anything could – but when we stare at the blank screen, with fingers hovering over the keys, the little voice in our head whispers “but what if it’s not good enough?”

Yet we push that aside and we write…because we just have to get the story out.  We write to the exclusion of everything else in our daily lives, we write our way out of bad moods (or into them), we stuff down the frustration and the sense of pressure to finish the manuscript.  But finish it we do.  Then we heave a sigh of relief and experience the angst of editing, followed by the nervous rush over publishing, and the anxiety of waiting for the reviews.  But we write…because the story keeps us up at night and we feel we have something to offer.

So here’s the therapy for today:  Get it out!  Whatever the story is, put it down on paper or type it on your computer, but GET IT OUT and don’t worry about the outcome…yet.  It’s a first draft (or a third) and the only person who is ever going to truly know if it’s done/perfect/what you planned is YOU.  Nobody (except your characters) lives in your head, and if you don’t write it and take that chance you will forever wonder if you should have, could have, would have been successful.

With the brave new world of independent publishing, anyone has a shot.  I know that I have made two total strangers (and I hope a lot more) spend a few enjoyable hours with my story and because of that I will write furiously in the hopes of duplicating that.

Thank you if you read and enjoyed my book.  I enjoyed writing it. I’m enjoying the next one just as much…and it’s coming but now, I have to get back to work!


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