On a whim I decided to try the Create Space service through Amazon – it was amazingly simple.  Log in, download the formatted Create Space Template – do a whole bunch of copying and pasting of your material into the template and voila!  You have a book.  The hardest part was getting my chapters headings formatted the same (I’m a little compulsive and I wanted 5 returns before the chapter heading and two after – it’s an OCD thing) – but that was the hardest part.  I decided to include the first two chapters of the next book in the series at the end (a nifty little marketing strategy!)  Also, the free Cover Creator tool was simple to operate and it changed my cover image, fonts, and colors easily.  I would recommend it.  I copied my chapters directly out of my Amazon html file (I’ve told you before about saving multiple file formats) and the Create Space template coped amazingly well with the text.  I am exhausted at the moment, but I’m doing a few marketing strategies in the next few weeks, and I’ll report in on them.


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