Here’s the book description for the “short” description:

The struggle for power has begun.  The United Coven and Alliance is rumored to be crumbling from the inside.  Magical practitioners who operate outside the powerful organization are being tracked down.  The Dominion, a powerful Afro-Caribbean relic has been stolen and four people are missing.  Coyote, mythical trickster spirit, believes Dr. Arienne Cerasola is the right person to hunt down the missing artifact and restore the balance.

Maybe Arienne, an unemployed archaeologist and inexperienced witch, is the person destined to save the magical world…or maybe Coyote’s belief that she has a seventy-percent chance of success is a grave miscalculation.

Here’s the back cover version:

It says:

Dr. Arienne Cerasola, blacklisted archaeologist turned magical landscaper, is starting over.  She has the business cards to prove it…until a visit from the magical Coyote stirs things up.  Coyote presents a challenge to Arienne:  Find the Dominion, a powerful relic that can harness the forces of the Mysteries and incite chaos.  Many people are searching for the Dominion, including one of Arienne’s former professors and a scary voudouienne from New Orleans.  Coyote estimates that Arienne has a seventy percent chance of succeeding – but only if she can put the pieces of the puzzle together fast enough.


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