Cleo DeMarius can’t decide if she should try to save Crawford Mansion from the mysterious evil rot that is consuming it or just let the walls crumble around her; taking the heirs of the mansion with it.

The very person who summoned her home refuses to admit to the deed. Two of the Crawfords continue to hurl insults of “demon spawn” and “evil slut” at her.  Then there’s the demon trapped in the upstairs bathroom and the tattered ghost who lingers but never tries to communicate.  This is what she was called from her home in Paris for?  Surely they can’t expect Cleo, the half-demon they taunted and ignored when they were children, to help them fix things!

As Cleo’s presence makes the Crawfords increasingly uncomfortable, she discovers what might be the cause of the decay.  Trapped by the summons and cornered by her past, Cleo may not have a choice but to help, no matter how much she enjoys watching her tormentors suffer.  Maybe it’s better for Cleo to face her demons than run from them – or maybe the demons have figured out how to even the score.


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