I call myself an independent author (“indie” if you’re new here); I thought that pretty much summed up what I did. I’m an author. I write. I publish. I am also sadly mistaken and slightly delusional. Along with writing and publishing my own books, I have taken on a host of other jobs. Some of them I love, some not so much. So as an indie, I am a self published author and since I do my own cover art I am not just an artist, I’m a cover designer. I am an editor, accountant, agent, and (groan) director of marketing. I hate being a director of marketing almost as much as I hate being an accountant.

I agonize over the cover blurb and book description when I get ready to publish. I go through a few drafts, call my beta readers and read them the blurb over the phone asking paranoid questions like: “Does that really describe the story?” “What would you add?” “Did I miss anything?” I secretly fear getting a review that says something like: The book in no way, shape, or form has anything to do with the description and whatever fool wrote it has obviously not read the book.

Then as marketing director, I’m supposed to write a new blurb, tailored to each site I wish to advertise on, which targets my audience so well that they can’t but help to buy my book. Puh-lease! I’m lucky my book got a concise description in the first place. If I wrote new blurbs all the time, I would never publish another book because I’d just be writing blurbs and descriptions and my beta readers would stop taking my calls.

I was up before the sun this morning (pretty typical, really) and managed to get a little marketing done because…well, I felt like I had to. I posted on independentauthors.org (love that site) then flipped over to facebook – a site I’ve been avoiding for MONTHS because it makes me feel like a social pariah. I am still languishing out there as the only person at the virtual party with ONE friend (Kate, you’re a great friend but even you must cringe when you see that you’re still the only one who wants to be my friend. But that’s a rant for another day…)

I patiently created a facebook page for my second book and after three minutes I was totally uninspired. I love my books. I have read them many times and I am proud of them. I just can’t think of what to say about them. I’ll have to work on that, because that’s part of this crazy adventure.

The moral of this story is there are ways of marketing that are less painful than copying and pasting your blurb all over the internet (or writing new ones every month or so). There are facebook pages (granted, someone actually needs to SEE your page for that to be considered marketing), blogging, pinterest, and a host of other avenues that aren’t so painful. That is my goal: find interesting ways to market that don’t cause me to obsess, feel like a social failure, or leave me uninspired.

Since I am a reluctant marketing director, I will post about things I found entertaining to do because if it’s not fun and it’s eating up a chunk of my writing time, I’d rather not do it (and the past year has shown that I am a master at avoiding it).

I’d fire me as marketing director, but since nobody else wants the job at what I’m paying, I guess I’ll have to put up with my own temperamental marketing strategies. In the meantime, I’ll be pinning and blogging and I might even write a new book description – heaven knows I won’t be spending hours catching up with all my friends on facebook. 🙂


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