Fortunes Bought and Sold Cover

I’m hard at work on my next novel – Fortunes Bought & Sold. This is the working cover and here’s the working synopsis.

Caly Mendelsohn has more problems than charms on her bracelet. It’s the downside of being a con-artist. Eventually people figure out what you are and then you have to start over in a new place and hope you never cross paths with your former marks. Sometimes, it works – other times you find yourself face to face with someone you were hoping you’d never see again. Unfortunately for Caly, some people think she has more talent with her deck of hand me down Tarot Cards then she’s let on – and others think it’s all part of the con. The trick is to keep them happily ignorant about what those worn cards really mean to her. Working as a psychic reader in Salem, Massachusetts has brought Caly face to face with her darkest secret and her greatest hope. There’s more to being psychic than she’s bargained for, and the only way out is to flip over the next card and cross her fingers


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