Tarot Cards

Here’s a nice site about the Tarot with some lovely images.


Here’s my favorite site: http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/extrasensory-perceptions/tarot-card.htm
This one even covers the celtic cross spread (a ten card spread) and has some very nice information on how to read the cards and focus your questions. I love the fact that the site is called “Science: how stuff works” – how cool is that?


Archaeology – Tree of Life legend

Because I use so many legends and the field of archaeology in my writing, I thought I’d start posting some interesting sites for others who are interested in the same things. Here’s my first post about the tree of life.
I used a variation of the legend in Elementary Magic and I’m fascinated that so many cultures have a similar story! As Arienne’s grandfather told her, if you keep running into the same legend…there might be a grain of truth in it!

Here’s another site that has some great information:


On Staying Focused

There are days when I get up in the middle of the night and knock out 3,000-6,000 words before I go to work. Other days, I rush home and immediately get to work on the next chapter of my new book without even bothering to check the mail or grab a glass of iced tea.

If all of my days were like those above, I’d be a prolific writer with a backlist in the double digits. Alas, I am not always as focused as that. Some days I sit at my desk and post to facebook or my blog. Some days I work on my covers or do random searches for my book titles and reviews.

That’s the hard part of being an indie author (it can also be the greatest reward because if I have something else to do, I can put my writing away to do it) – maintaining focus in a world of distractions. Here are some tips that have helped me.

1. Set a deadline – post a countdown on your Facebook page or blog or just put post-it notes on your fridge and bathroom mirror. Deadlines give a sense of urgency – so use them.

2. Set a writing routine. If you’re uninspired to work on a chapter, spend your writing time crafting the cover blurb, description or posts you plan to make on social media. It’s fruitful in a different way.

3. Keep off the internet. The world wide web is a giant time suck when you’re not focused. Just keeping you computer off it will put more time into your writing.

4. Write in small bursts. Like deadlines, this gives your writing a sense of urgency. Just saying to yourself that you only have 30 minutes to write means you have to get in and accomplish something.

5. Use those random moments of free time in your life with purpose. Carry index cards or a notebook. Some of my best plotting has been done sitting in waiting rooms, while I’m waiting for steaks to grill, or when I’m just killing a little time. Those index cards or notebooks can become great foundations for your current or next book.

6. Above all, keep writing. Not everything will be brilliant, but that’s what editing is for.

Oh, and when your internet is off…you won’t be posting to your blog (like I did) – you’ll be working on the next chapter!

Fortune Teller_Painting color adjusted with text BOLD

For mystery lovers and paranormal fans alike, this entertaining tale of intrigue and intuition will take you on a fast paced journey with con-artists, psychics, and a few other surprising characters.

Sundae Writers

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Because I’m hard at work on my next book – I have a new blog site that I’m involved with called Sundae Writers. I’m changing my blog format as a result of this.
Writer Content aimed at figuring this whole Indie thing out will be at Sundae Writers.
Reader Content including book reviews will be at Sundae Writers.
My own work will be here – TherapyWriting might be renamed on July 1st.
Here’s the link for Sundae Writers: http://www.sundaewriters.wordpress.com