Virtual Balloons!

Virtual Balloons2

My virtual balloons for my release party are here! Now I have to work on virtual Champaign, virtual canapes, and a virtual cocktail dress.
Join me on pinterest next week and I’ll show you what I’m going to wear! Since it’s virtual, the sky’s the limit!


I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’m going to dive in and do a virtual book launch for Fortunes Bought and Sold. Keep in mind, I have no idea how to do one so this will be a learning experience.
I have random ideas right now so I’m going to list them all out in a nice spreadsheet with a timeline to keep myself organized and we’ll see what happens.
Hang on – it could be a bumpy ride!

I’ll be ordering the virtual balloons sometime next week.

My First Award – The Liebster Award

Sundae Writers


I haven’t had the best day. It’s amazing how much an award can turn that around. So thank you to Doing Dewey for the lovely – a much needed – award today. Here are my answers to the questions:

I started blogging to promote my own book and help other indie authors – then I started a photography blog ( and fell in love with the instant gratification the platform provided me. Since I love to read, I started Sundae Writers to share books that I thought were excellent. As an eclectic reader, I review everything that I enjoy. I am never without a book – and haven’t been since I was a little girl.

Right now, I’m reading “Let’s Get Visible” by David Gaughran. I read it on my kindle, but I also listen to it in my car on the drive to work. Even though the kindle…

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A technology induced “oops” moment – one of many, if I’m being honest…

So there I was, downtrodden about the lack of new sales of Elementary Magic on Amazon so I flipped over to facebook and looked at Pixel of Ink and saw a nice woman in a sombrero commenting that she is a fantasy book reader and she was “still waiting” for fantasy books to be mentioned on Pixel of Ink’s bargains…

Yesterday, I read a post about marketing for indies – I think it was on Author Mingle, and someone asked what they should be doing to promote their books. The reply was: tell one person per day about your book. Sounded simple enough, but it’s not something I generally do (my own neurosis, I know…)

So I debated telling the nice lady with the sombrero about my book – currently priced at 99 cents on Amazon, but I didn’t want to post it on Pixel of Ink so I clicked on the nice lady’s name, went to her page, and typed the comment. I was at the end of the line, so I hit my return key out of habit and BAM posted it on her page.

Then the little icon lit up at the bottom of the screen – saying it would be posted on Pixel of Ink as well –

OH, CRAP! Now I’ve done it.

Feeling like a complete jerk because I honestly, honestly, honestly didn’t mean to do that I then proceeded to send a message to the nice lady with the sombrero apologizing for my bad manners and obviously poor technological skills and now I know I will obsess for the next twenty-four hours that I have committed some horrible sin that will end my writing career.

So why am I posting about it? Because I haven’t been able to stop laughing since I did it. Not only do I feel like a moron – and have apologized for being a moron – but I did do one thing right: I told somebody about my book. Somebody who think’s I’m a crazy neurotic compulsive apologizer who should have my keyboard locked up, but I told someone and after all, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Will I tell somebody about it tomorrow? Only if I don’t get a barrage of hate mail from Pixel of Ink.

UPDATE: I figured out how to delete my accidental post and sent an email to Pixel of Ink to announce my sale the legitimate way. The funny thing is, while I was trying to figure out how to do that, someone bought the book and sent me a message on facebook 🙂

The decadence of monks?

According to Archaeology Magazine, St. Stephen’s monastery in Jerusalem has been excavated and the monks who lived there weren’t just consuming the bread, water and vegetables their ascetic lifestyle dictated.

St. Stephen’s monastery wasn’t the typical desert outpost, either.

Possibly the urban location of the monastery afforded the Byzantine order access to many products that other monks in remote locations didn’t have. Bone analysis has found evidence that the 5th century monks regularly consumed animal proteins, fats, and possibly even some other “luxury” items such as a fermented fish sauce.

It’s interesting that some of the affluent monasteries had a different lifestyle than the impoverished outposts. One would imagine other advantages for those monks living in an urban environment – as well as other temptations….

Here’s the link if you want to read the article (it’s very short):