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Here’s the back cover blurb – We’re getting closer by the minute to the release!!!

Genre: Mystery (with a paranormal twist)

Calypso “Caly” Mendelsohn doesn’t intend to waste her second chance, no matter what her intuition tells her. As a psychic advisor, Caly uses her Tarot Cards to help guide her clients in an ethical way. Being ethical just might erase the stain of bad Caly carries around from her shady past.

So far, life in Salem has given Caly the stability her past denied her and her new career is working out well – until Dan Saint James, the heir to shipping fortune, shows up for a reading. Dan’s past is catching up with him and he needs Caly’s unique skills to stay one step ahead of trouble.

Helping Dan clean up his own life might be more difficult than Caly thinks because her moral code wasn’t designed to deal with art theft and forgeries or temptation and greed. When someone from Caly’s own past saunters right into the psychic parlor where she works, she realizes Dan’s problem is one she’s intimately acquainted with.

In order to save Dan, Caly will have put her cards on the table and confront her past while running a desperate con to keep history from ruining the future for her and her client. When there’s a fortune at stake, it’s hard to resist temptation and walk the slippery slope between doing what’s right and doing what’s easy…but nobody ever said reform was easy.


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