Arienne Cerasola – disgraced archaeologist, defective witch and diluted Druid – woke me up at 6:00 this morning to insist that I get back to work on the Relic Hunter series. Actually, I’ve been drafting the book – usually at night before I go to sleep – and it’s time to start building the outline in pixels so I can avoid the frustration of twisting a plot up so badly that it takes me MONTHS to untangle the threads I knotted. Right now, Unplanned Magic – the beginning of Arienne’s story – is up for free on this website so when you’re done reading this, you should hop over to that page and familiarize yourself with that story. Here’s the draft cover for Legendary Magic – It helps me to have a cover before I start writing:

LM cover with Text thumbnail
Cover Designs

I’m going to try something different this time – I’m going to post about the process while I’m writing – how those plot twists get unraveled, what sucks the ambition right out of me – and I’m also going to post some interesting links to sites that are “nearby” the location of this book. I’m very interested in archaeology and mythology so for fans of those subjects I want to post a bunch of links to articles that might interest them.


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