Free Promo Experiment #1

I’ve been slacking lately in the book promotion department so I’m trying something for the first time. Mass promotion. I’ve read that it works, but we’ll see. Here’s what I did:

I’m back with KDP Select for Elementary Magic (In all honesty, I’ve been so busy with the rest of my life that I never got around to reformatting it to put it up on Smashwords or Barnes & Noble – guess that was a good thing!) so I’m doing two free days (September 9 & 10) to generate some sales. I bought a book that I’ve reviewed on Sundaewriters ( called “Money Making Machine:….” and the author shared a bunch of sites to plug your free promo on. I checked the links this morning and realized I needed to create the following:

Several book descriptions (it’s tacky to post the same one all the time)
A cheat sheet with all of the links to the book (ASIN, Amazon page, Facebook page, pinterest page, etc!)
A chart to track who posts and who doesn’t (tee-hee…that’ll be interesting!)

It took me about THREE HOURS! Three hours to give books away! I know I’m in the red on this little venture but we’ll see if it pays off. The first time I did a free promo, I got a huge bounce in sales and three great reviews. Since then, I sell random books but no new reviews. So here’s the goal: MORE REVIEWS!

Tomorrow I hit the facebook pages to check them out for future promos…I’m just don’t have the energy right now and I think I have a whole new variety of “writer’s cramp” – it starts in my brain and goes all the way to my finger tips!


Gargoyles & Grotesques – Awesome Pictures!

Grotesques and Gargoyles: A Modern Twist

This link will get you to a bunch of images of gargoyles that have a sense of humor and whimsy – I enjoyed it so I wanted to pass it on!