I’ve been trolling Amazon reading book blurbs from other indie authors and I have noticed a trend that disturbs me. Does this trend appear to be working? Will people buy their books because of the burning questions? Is there a better way to write a blurb?

Are you getting my point?

As I sigh dramatically, I wonder how much effort it really is to take a moment and tell about the book rather than asking a question you think the reader will be dying to find out – my conclusion is: Not much effort at all.

As a reader, I read because I like the description – not because I need answers. The questions are not questions I would ask the author about their book.

Will they get the crooks or die trying?

Will the cake fall and ruin her career as a pastry chef?

I really don’t care because the blurb writer didn’t build me up before asking the questions. Maybe if he or she told me this:
Suspended above a pit of hungry alligators that looked like they hadn’t eaten in weeks, Carla and John knew the crooks were only a few feet away. If they could reach them in time, the case would be solved. If another strand of the frayed rope snapped, they would be lunch. Some days are more than just another day at the office.

That might make me wonder if the characters will live and if I care enough to read how they wound up suspended above the pit.

If the other blurb told me the character’s house was mortgaged to the hilt and the one way to save it was to win the international cake competition and prove that she is the best pastry chef in the world so new people would come to her restaurant and the increased revenue at her struggling cafe would stop the bank from foreclosing on her home…maybe I’d worry about the cake falling -if the run-on sentence didn’t kill my enthusiasm.

I have to admit, when I see questions in the blurb I sigh dramatically and wonder…

Did they run out of things to say about the book?

Or am I just getting jaded?


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