success dreams1

I write because I love it – I have tales to tell and I want my readers to have a few enjoyable hours where they can escape the doldrums and stresses of every-day life. I want my books to be fun, light, and smart. I want my readers to know the characters, relate to them, and maybe get a few chuckles out of the scenes I construct.

I also want to sell books.

Yesterday, someone challenged me to spend some time evaluating what I do as a writer to market my books. Truthfully, I’m hit-or-miss when it comes to that aspect of writing. I write. I edit. I publish. I might throw a few random comments out about my books, I do a bit of promotion when the mood strikes, I have a facebook page (find it here:, I have pinterest, twitter and I post on some facebook sites on a pretty consistent basis – and it’s never seemed like work.

It’s also never produced huge royalty checks.

So I’ve accepted the challenge to start evaluating what I do to market and (here’s the big buzz word) BRAND myself as a writer. I’m starting with this post. I’ve also re-written my book descriptions on Amazon (check them out from the tabs above). Tomorrow I’m going to write an honest-to-goodness marketing plan and probably re-write my other book descriptions. I’ll post any interesting links for authors that I come across because it really is a business – and I will do the marketing experiment for three months – I promise, really….


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