Yesterday, I uploaded my new release on and this morning I was up before the sun and surfing around Pinterest and pinning garden ideas that I’d love to implement. I say would love to…but I also intended to work on my very neglected garden this year and never got around to it. Then there was the massive decluttering operation I planned…and never finished. Now, summer is officially over and I’m wondering where it went???

A good portion went into my book, for sure. The rest, though? That is a mystery. I remember a couple of vacations, a lot of time with my family, a few days at work, and the appointments/commitments/chores that are so much a part of daily life. Surely that doesn’t account for nearly THREE months. Now summer is over and my “to-do” list is still to-be-done, soon I’ll be doing my holiday shopping, then planning for spring chores and next year I’ll be right back here again…wondering where that time went.

In the meantime, I’m pulling out my outline for my next book and getting down to work. Since there isn’t much time in life, I might as well make the most of it and keep right on doing what I love. The garden will be there next year – and I always have the pretty pictures on Pinterest to look at.


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