Last week, I promised to post my marketing strategies in the hopes that other indie authors would find them useful.  I’m still analyzing which were most helpful, but this will give you an outline about how to set things up so you’re not hunting around when you’re posting. 

I use a word document to list all of my links – both long versions and shortened links.  I use bitly to shorten my links, but there are several services out there which you can use (owly and tinyurl come to mind)

Here’s what you’re going to need links for: 

You book on, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and any other site where your book is listed for sale.  For Amazon, you might want to get a universal link so people can find it in the US, UK, AU, DE, etc. stores easily.  BookGoodies has a universal link generator that’s very helpful.  You can find that here:


In addition to your books, you’ll need a link or info for your entire on-line presence. These are the most common ones:
Your email address
Your Facebook link
The Facebook link for your book page (if you don’t have one, you might want to build one!)
Your author link(if you don’t have one, go here:
Your Twitter link
Your Twitter handle (different sites will ask you for different things)
Your Pinterest link (if you have one)
Your Pinterest name
Your Shelfari link
Your GoodReads link
Your blog link
I compile all of this info before I even start posting, so when I’m posting about my book I can just copy and paste the links rather than going hunting for them. The first time I did a marketing blast, it took me forever because every site wanted different information. When I discovered that little gem, I opened a word document and went to town. Now, I have all of those links handy so I can just copy and paste.

The other thing you’re going to need is at least three different book descriptions. These should be different from your back cover description as well. This is the part that generally takes the most time for me. I try to craft each one with a different first sentence, different “action” words, and a different “feel”. I’ve heard the the search-bots love unique content so I don’t post the same description on every site. Here’s an example for Legendary Magic.

Teaser 1:

Dr. Arienne Cerasola might have a suspicious mind, but that doesn’t mean something nasty isn’t being planned by two of her former acquaintances. They have banded together on an archaeological expedition in the United Kingdom, and that could spell trouble for the magical community. The magical apocalypse kind of trouble.

With a blend of humor, suspense, and fascinating research, author R. Leonia Shea brings magic to the world of archaeology in the third installment of the Relic Hunter series.

Teaser 2:

As a witch and disgraced archaeologist, Dr. Arienne Cerasola shouldn’t be surprised when Kingston Pon asks her help to find a lost relic. After all, Kingston is one of the senior members of the United Coven and Alliance and Arienne is one of the few people who knows about his secret resistance activities with the Crux Crucio Orbis. When she learns her own Grandfather is involved in the C.C.O., Arienne’s more than a little angry that her family has been keeping secrets. Secrets about their involvement in the magical world. Secrets about Arienne’s legacy. Keeping secrets means creating lies and Arienne is determined to unravel the deception even if it means collapsing the foundation of her new life.

Author R. Leonia Shea brings the reader on an entertaining (and educational) quest for a legendary sword. Her unique blend of humor, suspense, and slightly neurotic characters make Legendary Magic a must read.

Teaser 3:

Caught between the clandestine world of the C.C.O., the dangers of the Alliance, and the treachery of a new magical organization Dr. Arienne Cerasola must trace the grain of truth in the legends passed down from the ancient Celts, through the Roman Empire, and right into King Arthur’s court to find a legendary sword. The legends were created to protect the truth and keep the relic from passing into the wrong hands, but other organizations are trying to unravel the mystery. Arienne must solve the puzzle first, or the whole magical community could suffer – starting with her own family.

Author R. Leonia Shea began writing Legendary Magic after a research-binge into magical swords – the final result is an entertaining romp through the world of archaeology with a magical twist. Read this book – you’ll laugh a little, learn a little, and be completely entertained.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll realize that all three teasers are slightly re-worked sections from the original book description. Once you have all of these preliminary tasks done, you’re ready to start blitzing.

Now, I have to go post about my own book for a little while. If you’ve read this far, here’s a hint: Elementary Magic (the first book in my fantasy series) is going on a freebie promotion tomorrow (9/08/14) and tuesday (9/09/14). Here’s the link if you want to grab it when it’s free:


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