Once you have all of your links listed in one convenient location, you need to figure out where to put those links. That is the challenge because you need to get noticed somewhere or you’ve just wasted all of your hard work.

I’ll admit, I absolutely DREAD marketing my books. I can spend hours online, posting all over the place and sometimes I feel like I accomplished nothing. It’s frustrating! Now, my whole focus is on marketing in short bursts to keep my name/work in people’s minds…but not just posting “buy my book” links all over the place. Personally, I rarely buy books from those links that are all over facebook – but I do buy books from people who have something to say which amuses me or strikes a chord in me.

Although I’d love to build a reader base by simply making pithy comments on facebook and twitter, I know as an author I have to plug my book and post those annoying “buy my book” links sometimes. In order to make myself feel less narcissistic, I try to post free giveaways and sales instead of random ads. I don’t think I’m losing money by doing that – I think I’m exposing new readers to my work. Here’s a list of site’s I’ve advertised on recently:

Orangeberry Free Me
ignite your book
The Book Preview Club
Pixel of Ink
list my ebook
Kindle Book Deals
Indie Author Land
One of my favorite sites is http://awesomegang.com and I’m on there frequently – doing way more than just pushing my books. More on that in Part 3 of my “marketing special”.

There’s an awesome tool on http://www.authormarketingclub.com/ where you can just click the logos and list your books. There are also tons of places on Facebook to list your book promos. In fact, there are too many to mention because every day I find new sites. I do want to give a shout out to two of my facebook favorites, though: http://www.facebook.com/NerdGirl.NG and mad about books http://www.facebook.com/Madaboutbooks. These two sites have been awesome to me, and they have a fan for life. Stop on by their pages and give them a wave from me – these people work hard to keep their content fresh and their sites inviting and they have welcomed this indie into the fold.


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