But I just want to write!

Being an indie author requires me to market and I keep trying to fall in love with marketing.  I know that’s the key to book sales, the way to get people to know about my books, and the way to gain new readers – but some of the easiest things to do are just a giant waste of time.  It seems like spending 30 minutes a day on marketing leaves me with 30 fewer minutes to write so I’ve decided to cull the daily marketing activities so I have fewer things to do (and hence, more time to actually WRITE).

Since I think those 30 minutes could be better spent writing (short pieces, press releases, mastering Scrivener etc.) I am going to cull my marketing herd and stick to the basics:  Tweeting the reviews I get, maintaining presence in on-line author rooms, and updating my blog more frequently.

In the spirit of this new focus, here’s what I’ve been up to as an AUTHOR:

I’ve started working on my new trilogy – Feathered Justice.  The first book should be ready in a few months to go to my Beta-Readers and I’ll be working on a cover in the next few weeks (I always seem to write better when I have the cover done!).

I’m finishing my submission in a dog anthology – it’s tentatively titled “The Dogs of Summer” and it’s a touching and funny story about how one family (mine) rearranged their entire lives around old dogs – and how much they seemed to appreciate the effort!

Arienne is busy relaxing the Berkshires at the moment (I hear she’s getting dumped on by yet another snow storm) but she’ll be back soon – this time she’ll have another adventure with Coyote and Basir (because one of my readers told me she loves Basir and wants to see more of him and Ka’Tehm!).  I’m not sure where her adventure will take her, but I know it’ll be great fun.  You might also want to keep your eyes open for some new covers for the Relic Hunter Series.  Tattered Shadows has a new look, Fortunes Bought and Sold is up next in the make-over department and then possibly a new set for the Relic Hunter Series – most of this self-publishing thing is really trial and error, so I think new covers might be in order.

In the meantime, I’m off to write!


Ug! The 99 cent promotion fiasco!!

So for the month of October I decided to drop the price of Tattered Shadows to 99 cents. It has demons and ghosts and it’s a fun novella of the paranormal romance/fantasy genres. The problem is – how do I let people know it’s on sale this month?

I went back to one of my marketing references and paged through the links for where to post free ebooks – that’s right…FREE! There are very few places to post 99 cent books! Granted, I found a few (awesome gang and ereadercafe), but not nearly enough to justify the hour and a half I spent hunting them down and writing alternate descriptions of the book.

Since I went through all of that trouble, I’m going to post the information here…since I can.


It’s only 99 cents for the month of October!
Cleo DeMarius vowed she’d never return to her childhood home. For decades, she built a new life for herself, far away from the Crawford Family and the insults of “demon spawn” that they hurled at her as a child. Cleo was never, never, never going back – until she was issued a summons she couldn’t refuse. That’s the downside of being a half-demon – you just can’t refuse to be summoned, no matter how much you want to.

When Cleo shows up she finds the family mansion is being devoured by an evil black rot and the Crawford’s have no idea how to contain it. None of them will admit to having summoned Cleo, and the old feelings of being an outcast return to keep Cleo angry and reluctant to help.

A ghost, a rogue demon, and an investigator from the United Coven and Alliance further complicated Cleo’s already tense homecoming. Cleo must confront the real and imagined demons of her past in order to leave Crawford Mansion – and those demons might be looking for their own revenge.

The link is at the top of the page for the Amazon edition.

Hold the Presses!

Ok, Tattered Shadows will be up tomorrow – I found an error and had to fix it.  I fixed it early this morning, but I’m still waiting for the wizards at Amazon to approve it.  UG!  So much for setting a deadline for myself!

Tattered Shadows

Cleo DeMarius can’t decide if she should try to save Crawford Mansion from the mysterious evil rot that is consuming it or just let the walls crumble around her; taking the heirs of the mansion with it.

The very person who summoned her home refuses to admit to the deed. Two of the Crawfords continue to hurl insults of “demon spawn” and “evil slut” at her.  Then there’s the demon trapped in the upstairs bathroom and the tattered ghost who lingers but never tries to communicate.  This is what she was called from her home in Paris for?  Surely they can’t expect Cleo, the half-demon they taunted and ignored when they were children, to help them fix things!

As Cleo’s presence makes the Crawfords increasingly uncomfortable, she discovers what might be the cause of the decay.  Trapped by the summons and cornered by her past, Cleo may not have a choice but to help, no matter how much she enjoys watching her tormentors suffer.  Maybe it’s better for Cleo to face her demons than run from them – or maybe the demons have figured out how to even the score.